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    June Cohort Begins June 1st, 2024

    July Cohort Applications Now Open

  • Girls In Research is the first, global, virtual, research & tech incubator for high school girls.


    Apply today and be part of a global movement where diversity fuels innovation. With our world-class mentorship, we are empowering young women everywhere to lead, create, and inspire.



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    Building The Thought Leaders Of Tomorrow

    What do our daughters have in common? They're not just dreamers; they are the builders of original research, shaping our future. At Girls In Research, we pair world-class, postgraduate mentors who guide, teach, and mentor high school students to build their original research projects. Become the architects of tomorrow's breakthroughs across our Research Scholar program's 6 comprehensive tracks: tech track, social sciences track, business and finance track, humanities track, applied arts and design track, and natural sciences track.

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    World Class Mentorship

    Learn from leading researchers - top terminal degree students and degree holders in your chosen field - from around the world for you to connect theoretical knowledge with practical applications. From machine-learning to astronomy, from classical history to social anthropology, from digital journalism to interior design, our researchers come from the University of Cambridge in the U.K to Harvard University in the U.S.


    Photo: Emily Towner, Girls In Research Mentor For Social Sciences Track, University of Cambridge

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    An Incubator For Tomorrow's Industry Giants

    Through our unique App-Builder program, our scholars will be learning crucial skills alongside their mentor to build their original digital application. With App-Builder, more than a coding bootcamp, it's about instilling the mindset of innovation and entrepreneurship at an early age - to be empowered to lead the way in shaping the digital future. Moreover, through our Girls In Power program offerings - all benefits available to our scholars, we host virtual, year-round A) expert workshops led by industry professionals, B) power talks from women leaders, activists, artists, and researchers and C) master classes in university guidance.


    Photo: Nako Adodoadji, Girls In Research Mentor For Applied Arts and Design Track, Columbia University

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    Lifelong Community Of Peers

    By joining Girls In Research, you will be building lifelong connections with our mentors from Research Scholar and App-Builder, be inspired by our speakers from Girls In Power, but most importantly, you will be joining a community of your own peers through our cohort pods, cohort Demo Days, and our quarterly Girls In Research Metaverse Conference - we want to encourage the power of community, to not only support each other in discovering innovating research, but also as a collective of individual girls that will go on in their lives to be the next class of women innovators and colleagues.


    Photo: Caroline King, Girls In Research Mentor For Applied Arts and Design Track, Stanford University

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    The Power of Research Across Every Domain

    At Girls In Research, we believe that research is the key to unlocking endless possibilities in every field, from the arts to business and beyond. Join us on a journey of discovery as we explore the transformative impact of research, empowering individuals to unleash their creativity, drive change, and shape the future of our world. With guidance from top experts and hands-on experiences, prepare to unlock your potential and make your mark on history.


    Photo: Rhea Parande, Girls In Research Mentor For Natural Sciences Track, University of Oxford

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    An Education For A Lifetime

    Join Girls In Research for a transformative journey that goes beyond conducting original research—it's about equipping young minds with critical skills essential for lifelong success. Cultivate sharp critical thinking, rigorous analysis, and foster creativity and innovation alongside world-class PhD research mentors. Whether your passion lies in uncovering scientific truths, storytelling, or addressing global challenges, Girls In Research is your gateway to a limitless future where your potential knows no bounds.


    Photo: Elizabeth Ulanova, Girls In Research Co-Founder

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    Top Postgraduate Mentors

    All of our mentors are advanced degree postgraduates in the world's top universities including Harvard University, University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, Stanford University, Columbia University, University of Pennsylvania, Imperial College London, and more.

    Global Network Of Scholars

    Within just 1 month of opening our portals for our first cohort of scholars in the June 2024 cohort, we received over 180+ applications from high school girls in 35+ countries on 5 continents, spanning all high school grade levels, for every offered GIR program. Countries ranged from Argentina and Brazil to India and Iran to Uzbekistan and Zimbabwe.

    Diversity In Research

    We embrace a broad spectrum of research fields, ranging from technology, natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, business, to applied arts and design, as well as our learning-through-building App-Builder program, which offers two distinct mentored learning modes. Moreover, our mentors represent a global mosaic through initiatives that offer a richly diverse programming.

  • Founded by University of Cambridge and Ivy League alumni

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